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Alliance Newletter for June, 2016

Alliance Inc. is the payroll company that pays you when you work under the following IATSE Local 470 contracts: The Wausau Grand, Lighthouse Productions, and some trade and exposition companies.

Anyone working under the above mentioned contracts are entitled to avail themselves of all the services of Alliance Inc.

When you work for an employer using the Alliance, Incorporated Payroll Service, Alliance is responsible for:

It is important to realize that Alliance, Inc. is NOT your employer. Alliance performs these functions as a service to your actual employer.

Alliance is NOT responsible for:

Alliance, Inc., the Employer, the Hiring Hall, and the Union Steward all work together to provide you with a job and a paycheck, but they ARE all separate. On the Job, find out who performs each of these tasks, so if you have questions later you will know who to ask about what.

Payroll Schedule

Alliance payroll checks are issued on a bi-weekly basis on Fridays except for The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center which are issued on a delayed weekly basis. Ask your job steward when you can expect to receive payment for any given job.

Change of Address

If you move, a change of address form must be submitted to Alliance immediately to insure that your checks reach you in a timely and accurate manner. These forms can be obtained from your job steward or use the link at left.

Discrepancies and Issues

If there is a discrepancy on your check take the following steps:

  1. Call yourjob steward to confirm that your hours worked were correct and submitted to Alliance in a timely manner.
  2. If correct, the steward will call Alliance to get the matter resolved right away.
  3. If the information submitted to Alliance was not correct or received late, the matter will be resolved in the next payroll cycle.

If your check is not received by the Monday after the due date:

  1. Call Alliance to verily that your address is correct and that a check was sent. If it was, Alliance will reissue a check after seven business days following confirmation that the check was not cashed.
  2. A $35.00 fee will be assessed if you insist on having a check reissued prior to the seven business day time period and a stop payment has to be placed on the check. This fee is subject to change based on increases in bank charges.
  3. If you have discrepancies or problems with your direct deposit, contact Alliance directly at 920-966-0307.

If you have other issues or complaints regarding payroll, submit them in writing to:

Janis Desotelle

Rick Moore , Director

James Ward , Director

Thomas Wilhelm , Director


If you have not been paid through Alliance, Incorporated before, you will be required to fill out all legally required payroll forms before you can be paid. These consist of the Federal W4 form (for the IRS), the Federal I-9 Form (required by Homeland Security and the Justice Dept.), and the State WT-4 Form (required by the State of Wisconsin). Be prepared to fill these forms out when you arrive for work. YOU WILL NOT BE PAID unless these forms are on file with Alliance, Inc.! It is illegal to do so, and will seriously delay you receiving your check if they are not filled out! SO, be prepared when you arrive on the job.

You will need to bring:


A US Passport, Certificate of US Citizenship or Naturalization, or Unexpired Resident Card.


A picture ID (such as a Driver's License, State issued ID card, a military ID, school ID, or a Native American Tribal document).


A Social Security Card, a certified Birth Certificate, or a Native American tribal document.

Most people use a Driver's License and a Social Security Card. Again, YOU WILL NOT BE PAID until these forms are filled out, and the forms cannot be completed without the proper identity documents. Your Job Steward MUST see your actual documents to fill out the forms. BRING THEM WITH YOU WHEN YOU COME TO WORK!

You do not need to bring the W4/I9 forms; your job steward will have those for you.


5% Authorization Form

W4 Form

I9 Form

WT4 Form


The Board of Directors hold regular meetings to manage the business of Alliance Incorporated. Reports of the meetings available below.

Report of Latest Special Meeting Archive of Board of Directors Meetings