1. Fill out excel sheet given to you by the BA.
  2. Make sure rates and hours are correct according to the CBA with the client.
  3. Email Excel job sheet to as soon as possible.

***DO NOT email the client a job sheet breakdown unless specifically requested by the client. It causes payroll confusion as not all sheets round money correctly.

***Invoices that do not make the Alliance cut off time of Noon the Monday prior to a regular Alliance pay week will be processed the following regular Alliance pay period, 2 weeks later. It will be the Steward's job to notify employees of the incident and when they should expect pay.

New Hires

  1. Have new hire fill out W4, WT4, I-9 for Alliance. (You may want to include hiring hall agreement on 470 side.)
  2. You must see passport/ID/ SS card, fill out, verify and sign each form with your information***
  3. Scan or take readable pictures of documents and email with job sheet (excel) to
  4. Mail hard copy documents of new hire forms and any receipts from mailing documents to PO Box 9316 GB WI 54308.


  1. Fill out First report of Injury fully immediately.
  2. Make copies, scan or take readable picture of document.
  3. Send to
  4. Give copy to injured. Tell them to give that to medical billing if medical care given.


- Employees need NOT go in for medical care to fill out injury report.

- Notify Alliance if medical care given. If not directly from job site, then it is the employee’s responsibility to notify Alliance they went into receive medical care.